Yorktown Autobody Why Yorktown Auto Body

Simply, we repair your car to retain more of its original value. That's called precision restorative repair. And, not just any body(shop) can do that. We want the selection of where your car is repaired to be your choice. We want Yorktown Auto Body to be your only choice for the repair, painting, and roadside assistance of your car.

Yorktown Auto Body is a “full disclosure” repair facility. We want you to know what’s happening to your car, and we want you to see it. Every car at Yorktown Auto Body goes through a 5 Phase process of repair and finishing.

We focus on being your premiere auto body and glass repair service shop in Westchester, NY. Stop by to see us any time. We’d like to show you the Yorktown Auto Body difference. Or, take a moment to see it from where you are, and take our tour.  the entire Yorktown Auto Body staff welcome you

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